After spending much of your life taking care of your family, your friends – in short, others – it’s time to think of yourself. You’re in the right place for that! Let us simplify the task for you so that you can focus on what makes you happy and enjoy your everyday routine at a pace similar to that of hotel life!


We monitor the health status of all our residents closely, and we ensure that their medications are managed diligently.

Quality of life

Katasa offers a stimulating and inviting environment where the light and the calm, as well as the natural surroundings, make an enormous difference in the quality of life of our guests.


A multitude of sports can be practiced near the residence: walking and cycling outside, and various activities in our indoor recreation areas.

Doctors and auxiliary nurses

Our residents and their families have peace of mind thanks to our doctors and our team of attendants and auxiliary nurses available on site.


Our dedicated team provides care of all kinds and is trained to meet all your needs.


A seasoned professional is available for your odd jobs and to make your life easier. In addition, rest assured about the quality of our maintenance service.

Choosing the peace of mind

Have you ever dreamed of no longer tirelessly worrying about the little details of everyday life? We offer you turnkey solutions.

  • Doctor (by appointment)
  • Attendants to beneficiaries (24/7)
  • Heating and air conditioning (controlled by each unit)
  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Housekeeping (weekly)
  • Phone services
  • Emergency call system

Do you have questions about our facilities, our services, and our care? We have all the answers. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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