Deconfinement measures

Dear residents and family members,

deconfinementWe would like to inform you that we must wait for the written directives from the Ministry in order to proceed with the deconfinement measures that were announced during the premiere of Quebec’s press briefing. We will inform you in writing as soon as we receive them.

With Mother’s Day approaching, we wish to remind you of the guidelines regarding the delivery of goods in CHSLDs, RPAs, and RI-RTFs. Delivery services are permitted, but the goods must be delivered to the main entrance and be disinfected before being passed on to the residents. No contact with the residents is allowed. And to comply with hygiene and cleanliness guidelines, meals prepared at home are not permitted. Only meals that come from shops are allowed.

Here are some useful definitions in the current context:

Caregiver: Family member or person considered to be a family member who provides care or support to the seriously ill or injured person or the person who requires end-of-life care.

Family member: Includes the immediate family and any other family member or individual considered to be a family member, whether or not this person is related by marriage or a common-law relationship or any other legal parent-child relationship.

Care or support: Defined as the care provided to a seriously ill or injured person or a person who requires end-of-life care. Support is defined as the psychological or emotional support provided to a seriously ill or injured person or a person who requires end-of-life care.

Seriously ill or injured person: Someone whose basic health status has deteriorated significantly due to an illness or injury.

We understand your frustration, impatience, and sadness related to being away from your loved ones. Despite that, it is important to follow the safety directives from the government. We are as eager as you are to be able to slowly resume social life in the residence. We will keep you informed as soon as we receive written updates from the government regarding deconfinement.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Katasa Group Residences
Sam, Katherine, Tanya and Samantha Chowieri
Managers and Owners


A Mother is Precious

We would like to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, especially those who will not be able to be with their children or grandchildren.

We’re sending our warmest thoughts to you since no one deserves more love and happiness than you on this special day.

“A mother knows recipes: those that nourish us and those that make us grow.”
–Pam Brown

Happy Mother’s Day!